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March 01, 2018

Entrepreneurial Love-Bourbon Cousins Neckties and Bow Ties

The ties featured on this retail display are from our originally-designed Bourbonfield Collection.

Over the past several years, this blog has been a simple way for me to post what caught my eye… captivating texture, cool patterns, talented artisans, interesting imagery. Today’s blog post will capture more than what caught my eye, but what’s captured my heart.

In this 2nd season of my career, I’m getting a chance to blend several “loves” into a much bigger love. A few years ago, I turned my entrepreneurial eye to surface & textile design, opening up an entirely new avenue and medium. Now, I have the opportunity to further explore the world of pattern design, this time with my cousin and now partner, Claudia. We’ve shared design space for 5+ years now and last year put into motion our concept for a new brand, Bourbon Cousins. We both share a deep love of design, and all things visual. Now, our brand embraces our cousinhood, our shared family legacy and our mutual love and curiosity for bourbon.

As we create bourbon-themed products and prepare for the approaching launch of our new e-commerce site, we are once again enveloped in a warm Kentucky hug as we forge new relationships. We are thrilled at the initial response and, as all small entrepreneurs know, still living on the edge, and loving every minute of it. Thanks for being part of it : )

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