Women bonding over bourbon

September 12, 2018

Women bonding over bourbon
It's true. There’s nothing new about ladies liking bourbon. Now when you bring women together to talk, sip, tour, learn, and of course, taste bourbon...all in one weekend...that’s worth sharing about.
We gathered as experienced bourbon marketers, tasters, master distillers, cocktail critics, food-pairing chefs, industry authors and influencers — but most importantly, any and all women curious about bourbon.
The 4th weekend in August saw women from 23 states and Canada gather at the Bourbon Women Association’s 5th Annual Sip’osium in Louisville, Ky. As you would expect, the cocktail hour started very early and ended very late. The weekend saw us attending distillery tours, seminar sessions, special meals, cocktail hours and many tastings.
We write this simply to encourage others interested in pulling up a chair to the table (or a stool to the bar) to simply and boldly do it.
Join a chapter near you, or start one in your town. You’ll be warmly welcomed and instantly know you’re surrounded by friends who enjoy learning about new bourbon expressions and the distilleries who craft them. You’ll hear about the science & history behind it, the flavors & notes of each, creative ways to mix it & pair it, and of course, to simply enjoy it among new friends.


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