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Bourbon Cousins is a brand of Gino + Dot LLC, a pattern-design studio based in warehouse space in Cincinnati’s OTR neighborhood. Simply put, we’re designing cousins who share a studio, a love of bourbon and the precious love of our grandmother. (Dorothy, or Dot, now 100!) Our roots, along with many family members, hold us firmly to our home state of Kentucky. We acknowledge the importance of a family-like business structure, taking pride in being homegrown. We are life-long entrepreneurs and designers, founding businesses in both Louisville and Cincinnati. As multi-disciplined professionals centered in creative direction, fabric & graphic design, branding & strategy, interior decorating as well as print manufacturing, we offer multi-faceted design services for a wide variety of clients. Both Pam and Claudia are members of the Bourbon Women Association.

Our story

As both designers and bourbon lovers, creating bourbon-themed pattern collections seemed like a darn good idea. We set out to match the consumers’ growing enthusiasm for bourbon, by designing original, bourbon-themed patterns, which are ultimately made into products for the marketplace. After months of creating relevant designs, establishing solid manufacturing partnerships and producing product prototypes, the Bourbon Cousins brand was born. Our region’s love of bourbon has grown into an impressive global love affair, and, as cousins raised in Kentucky, we take much pride in the state’s rich bourbon heritage.

Our Collection

The Bourbonfield Collection© is Bourbon Cousins’ debut line of our exclusively-designed bourbon-themed patterns produced on bow ties and neckties. The modern and refined style highlights recognizable bottle shapes and the iconic copper pot still in a variety of designs and colorways. 

We’re excited about the initial response we’ve received and look forward to hearing from more bourbon lovers who resonate with our brand.

Pam & Claudia